Fancy setting yourself a challenge and competing in a endurance triathlon, cycle, run or swim in 2020, here Richard Miller* shares his top tips.

1. Train consistently on all disciplines over the winter and early spring months. Whilst it’s important to allow your body to recover during the off season, it’s also important to use this time to develop good form, baseline strength and cardio fitness.

2. Consider working with a coach. Typically a long course training plan is 5 months. A coach not only sets the training agenda, looks at and corrects form. Manages the training load, helps mentally motivate and can help you adjust your family/work/training balance. Competing in a long course triathlon is as much about the training journey as the event itself.

3. Be prepared to train long, keeping your threshold low, training in zone 2 heart rate and power. The primary benefit to zone 2 training is that it builds aerobic base and endurance. Become a fat burning machine!

4. Join a club, share your experiences with others and benefit from the experiences of others around you. Group sessions are great to motivate and take you out of your comfort zone. 

5. Look at your equipment, is it fit for purpose, seek help from the experts according to discipline.

6. Eat and hydrate well, nutrition is not just about race day, but about wellbeing, being balanced and fuelled to get the best from your fitness goals.

Ordinary people, extraordinary goals!

*Richard is 4 x Ironman 140.6, finishing 3rd in age group this year in Bolton, competed in multiple 70.3, including the World championships in the USA. GB long course and middle distance athlete. Ironman, triathlon accredited coach. Personal trainer. Cyclist and Giant Camden bike ambassador.